For the purpose of manufacturing and prefabrication we have available workshop hall in Obrenovac, near TENT A, area of 500 m2. This production facility has a warehouse and handling space of 0.3 hectares of land that allows the import of the material, and then the transport and export of pre-fabricated parts.

We are equipped for the following production program:

Delivery, installation and prefabrication of:
  • all types of pipes
  • steel structures of all kinds
Delivery, fabrication and installation of:
  • spare parts for petrochemical industry and power plants
  • heat exchangers, coolers, pressure vessels, tanks and various ports
Prefabrication and assembly of:
  • pipelines and other installations in the energy sector
Production of:
  • metal structures, boilers, tanks and vessels

Workshop hall is located at 25 km west of Belgrade, 2.5 km west of Obrenovac, on the road Belgrade – Šabac and 1.5 km south of the thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla A”. It is in the vicinity of the waterway of the river Sava and the Danube, and is located on 20 km from the highway Belgrade-Zagreb A3 / E70. St. Ivana Egeduševića 13 B, Zvečka, Obrenovac