The company was formed by a team of experienced engineers in 2007 with the desire to respond to the challenges of foreign, but also domestic market, in the areas of investment activities for construction, rehabilitation, overhaul and maintenance of power and industrial plants. Already in the beginning the company “Euro-Mont-Ing” in the domestic market proved to be a serious partner in the execution of works on reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators at TPP “Kostolac A” and overhauls of TPP “Nikola Tesla A” and “Kostolac B”. At the same time operations in the Czech Republic and in Germany were carried out. From that moment and on operations have simultaneously been executed in multiple markets and such business strategy continues to this day.

Our core business is:

Mechanical installation and mechanical works in power plants, refineries and other industrial facilities in the section of:

a. development, production, delivery, etc.
b. repairs, maintenance, inspections, tests, reparations, as well as in sections
under pressure of all categories

Delivery, installation and prefabrication

a. pipe systems of all types of materials
b. steel structures for all types of boilers
c. heating systems for industrial plants

Engineering for investment projects

We possess all the necessary licenses and certificates for our work, which are approved by the relevant Ministries and certification bodies. In parallel, the standards in the domain of welding, quality, safety at work are followed, showing a high degree of planning, organization and dynamics of works.

In addition to projects in Serbia, we also work in other markets, primarily in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, England and Slovakia.

The company has a hall for prefabrication and is able to assume the obligations of imports of materials, then transportation and export of prefabricated parts.



Employees with qualifications for HSE

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Certified welders

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